Code Of Ethics

Code Of Ethics


  • Honesty – Fair recognition of performance and innovative ideas at work; self-development, accompanied by sincere and open motivations.
  • Integrity - Consistent reflection of principles and values at work every day, in every action, thought and word.
  • Commitment – Keeping our promises, fulfill obligations; and especially, not justify a nonperformance and avoid responsibility.
  • Loyalty – Acting honestly and sincerely, to offer support, especially in adversity, rejecting undue influence and conflicts of interest.
  • Equality – Impartiality, be fair, provide equal treatment to others. Keep an open mind, accept changes and admit mistakes in understanding that a mistake has been made.
  • Respect – Show human dignity, privacy and the right to self- determination.
  • Citizen Responsibility – Respect, abide by the laws, and social awareness, through an integral business model.
  • Excellence – Be diligent, entrepreneurial and prepare to exercise our work with responsibility and efficacy.
  • Timeliness – It is the obligation to finish the task required or satisfy an obligation before or in a term previously established with another person.
  • Blameless – The trust of others rests on the example of irreproachable moral behavior and ethics.


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Phone Number: +502 2474-4204