Who we Are

Who we Are

Since 2001, the Business Liaison Office for Latin America (Oficina de Enlace y Negocios para América Latina - "ODEPAL"), has focused on the management, promotion and development of the "Inter-Oceanic Corridor of Guatemala" project, with the vision of reaching three strategic objectives, that will later become the three fundamental pillars of the project as follows:

  • Be a development instrument for Guatemala.
  • Strengthen the Central American economic integration.
  • Promote a change in the cooperative culture of the country and region with social and environmental responsibility.

As a result of the work and strategic management of the Inter-Oceanic Corridor of Guatemala, ODEPAL Group acquired important knowledge regarding the structuring of large projects locally. This has allowed us to become a service company, with an inclusive and environmentally friendly social vision, based on the fulfillment of serious and professional goals.

Supported by the fundamental pillars of the Inter-Oceanic Corridor of Guatemala, ODEPAL Group, aims at promoting business projects involving social development, preservation of the culture and customs of the population, as well as respect and compliance with local environmental requirements. This comprehensive implementation strategy has enabled us to become a renowned company, thanks to the transparent and efficient job that has planned the development of the project.

ODEPAL Group has promoted and worked by Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) values, to transform the corporate culture of the region. To this extent, the project has formed partnerships with environmental organizations, which are deeply committed with Guatemala’s sustainable development, to ensure proper mitigation and compensation plans of areas that might suffer any sort of environmental impact.

Address: 6 ave. 19-54 Zona 11. Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Zip code: 01011

Phone Number: +502 2474-4204

Email: info@odepal.com